In the mood for … classic pure or lavishly garnished? CINNAMOOD leaves nothing to be desired and no mouths dry. If our rolls were a song it would be “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen. You want to devour them with your eyes and simply can’t get enough of them. Craving a fluffy roll but don’t like cinnamon? Then just try the many other delicious varieties, fillings and toppings in the CINNAMOOD range. Our favourite? All of them.


The most important CINNAMOOD store is, of course, the store near you: You can find us in many major German cities and soon in other European metropolises – because good taste knows no borders.

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You want to do your thing? You want to open your own Food Heaven and lead a great team? You want to sell not only Rolls, but smiles? Then live the dream and become a partner in the CINNAMOOD franchise.


The way to someones heart is literally through their stomach: Anna and Luca are not only crazy about each other, but also crazy about delicious pastry which make you feel happy already while waiting at the counter.


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Be careful, these sweet greetings are not for consumption but they will lift your mood anyway: the beautifully illustrated folding cards with a twist are available in our stores – for really any occasion to send and give away, as decoration for the flat-sharing fridge or as a present for your loved ones.

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It’s the many little highlights that make a successful event. CINNAMOOD is the reliable address for sweet event catering at your private party or company event. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby party or grandma’s 80th birthday – our rolls are enjoyed by the youngest and the oldest and everyone in between because all generations can agree on a nice juicy roll.

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