(When Anna met Luca …)

The way to someone’s heart is literally through their stomach: Anna and Luca are not only crazy about each other but also crazy about delicious pastry, which already makes you feel happy while waiting at the counter. And so they finally proclaimed the revolution of the cinnamon roll. On their travels they gathered ideas and inspiration and developed the recipe for extra juicy, fluffy and delicious rolls. The recipe remains their secret for now – the rolls, of course, they love to share.

From the cinnamon bun to CINNAMOOD

The good old cinnamon bun deserves reverence, but also an upgrade. Thus, a unique concept was born that combines tradition and variety: next-level takeaway rolls with variations of toppings and fillings to suit every taste. The franchise model guarantees that it tastes just like in your regular store when you go out. Don’t believe the hype, believe the taste.


Like its home base Cologne, CINNAMOOD is also a feeling – that feeling of anticipation and deceleration, arriving and setting off. In addition to high quality standards, cosmopolitanism and diversity are fundamental components of the company’s philosophy. Since its founding in 2022 CINNAMOOD has grown rapidly: we currently operate stores in 21 cities and soon 4 countries, and are already planning to open stores in 20 more locations.

locations - and many more to come

over 300 employees nationwide

and more followers on several channels

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